Joe Rogan Savage Moments Compilation

COmedy time!!

Por que no debes vivir en las vegas y tener amigos de fiesta 24/7

Ey guys do you want to go to the rhino? Fuck! thats my voice.

There is always a dude who is fucked up more than everybody else. And he looks normal.

Joe Rogan texas

People did not evolve in thexa they are not supossed to be here.

In boston the weather sucks. Is so cold fuck fuck fuck hahahah when is the fucking winter get over.

Try to speak with Californian accent. Are you going to speak clear?

There are more tigers in cativity in Texas than there are in othr parts of the world.

Why? Because they go to the rule book. and they do not see anything about tigers so….

Joe Rogan Hugh Hefner.


Big Bang


Fractal universe.

What a scientific who ame de big bang. hahahhaha

Breaking into the white house. (Stand up routine)

They are my favourite people in the world but I can beat them up. (Joke about sexism)

THis is a real story: Is more likely that people is dumb as fuck in every area of life than the conspiracies.

Where are all my dollars for taxes go?

Obama is the first president with google. May he google his name to see what people say of him. (punch)

You can´t quit when you are a president. Good morning mister obama.

Ouuuu fuck!

Presidential selfie.

Anna Nicole Smith

Muy muy bueno, realmente buen.

Durísimo, durísimo y que pueda decir todo eso

Elon Musk signing up to die on Mars

They look each other before the launch like…. idk maaan

UFC Heckler

Amazing impro

I have a time machine

The horn of freedom, awful

MAke sure he really have a time machine first.

You like hat but you do not want to have responsibility for your actions.

The granfather paradox. What kind of asshole wants to kill his grandfathers???? (punch)

On kaitlyn jenner and the kardasians

Amazing acting

Alex Fragoso

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