How to Create Conscious Intimacy in Your Relationship.

Wether you like it or not you can´t scape your early fate.

Your early years shapes you. And discover that is your journey of evolution.

If you face that challenge you will learn who you are.

The one need we all have as children is BEING UNCONDITIONALY ACCEPTED.

The greatest orgasmic experience is the acceptance of yourself and your present.

In the couple relationship is where the storms of the past are going to play. That is why is difficult to face and to cope with. Even more if you are unconscious.

Every couple are going to repeat again and again his fights as a child.

This talk is mindblowing. WOW!!!

Do you want me to fell you? No is your job to fell me.

Dr. Shefali.

Couples keep divorcing and having bad results because we are looking for love in the wrong places.

It´s all on you.

The way to change is change yourself.

Is hard for a couple to have accountancy. To be aware of our own patterns and try to change together.

Going Higher Together

Keith Ferrazzi


Alex Fragoso

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