How coaches spend their time.

Fuente ICF survey:

External Coaching Practice

External coaches like to sustain mental clarity by maintaining healthy boundaries and mindfulness practice (Table 4). The following knowledge and skills, all of which play an important role in coaching engagements, were ranked as most important by external coaches, further illustrating that external coaching practices are client-centric (Tables 13-14):

• Emotional intelligence

• ICF Core Competencies

• Coaching principles

• ICF Code of Professional Ethics

• Listening

• Coaching

• Communication

I´m happy to being able to show in practice and theory that I´m performing as a professional in all areas always thinking how to keep improving my skills.

Internal Coaching Program

The overarching theme for internal coaches is securing support from leaders, securing resources and ensuring alignment with the organizational goals and strategy. We see evidence for this in the high rank of each of the following (Tables 7-9):

• Establishing the strategic business case;

• Securing a champion, sponsor and resources;

• Defining the coaching services and parameters;

• Monitoring the program for effectiveness; and

• Engaging with key influencers and leaders.

Alex Frago

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