A world without prisons???


Some people prefered to stay isolated than outside and doing activities after days of lockdown.

The system is broken and is very hard to grow. There are ways to find a path but the system itself is very hard to cope. I think this is true. In my experience in the educational system nothinghelped me to stick and I decided to take my own path and education. I can understand how difficult is to get a job and prosper in my situation. Adding the handicap of being in prison life could be difficult. Thanks god or whatever I found my professional path early in comparisson with friends who are “lost” is not easy to be 20 in 2020.

When someone enters in prison is not apt? They think so and that is one of the problems.

Population of women are smaller than men but the traits are the same. Casualties everywhere.

Have you seen anything that works as an alternative to break the family? Women centers,

What is the human story that reaveals the system ilness.

Non directive coaching. Every individual is the expert of his own life and he now better what to do and what steps to follow, he will now what is stopping they, hewill find the motivation to stay away from crime.

Alex Frago

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